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CRC Salt Terminator

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CRC Salt Terminator Engine Flush, Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor cleans & protects anything exposed to salt. Salt water, salt air and road salt can lead to rust, corrosion, vehicle damage and costly repairs.

CRC Salt Terminator dissolves destructive salt debris that can't be removed by water alone and leaves a protective corrosion-inhibiting coating, guarding against future corrosion.

CRC Salt Terminator is NOT JUST FOR SALT CORROSION!!! Fresh water will also corrode internal engine components. Flush your cooling system with CRC Salt Terminator to add extra years of service to outboards, I/O's, inboards, jet boats and PWCs. Incorporating CRC Salt Terminator into your regular maintenance routine may prevent costly repairs caused by corrosion. Extend the life of vehicles, trailers, tools, gear and equipment. Rinse off or simply spray and leave.* With mixer. No scrubbing required!!!

The Salt Terminator mixer has a coarse hose fitting connection (wider gap thread than some standard hose fittings).

Available in:
946ml Bottle:
Perfect for engine flush and vehicle wash downs
3.7L Concentrate:
To tackle the largest jobs Salt Terminator also comes in a 3.7L concentrate bottle, for boats or homes that need regular cleaning and protection

Features & Benefits

  • Biodegradable Formula
  • Non-Toxic
  • Environment Friendly
  • Cleans & Protects - Dissolves destructive salt debris that can't be removed by water alone and leaves a protective corrosion inhibiting coating
  • Engine Flush - Essential for marine engines in both salt water and fresh water environments.
  • Adds extra years of service to gear and equipment.
  • Prevents costly repairs cause by corrosion
  • Safe to use on any surface exposed to salt
  • No scrubbing required.


  • Safe to use on any surface exposed to salt including: Fiberglass, steel, aluminium, glass, magnesium, isinglass, wood, chrome, plastics & rubber.
  • Flushes - Marine engines, cooling systems, heat exchanges
  • Cleans & Protects - Boats, PWCs, trailers, gear, fishing tackle, tubes/towables, autos/RVs, trucks, tools, motorcycles, atvs, bicycles, patio furniture and more...

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