LED Magnetic Load Marker Light Set Smart Tech

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Our intelligent LED marker lights are ideal for use as road safety flares or as over dimensional load marker lights. They can be quickly deployed on the ground or onto the side of a vehicle to warn other motorists of a temporary or moving road hazard. They are perfect for fire crews, towing and recovery teams, house and over dimension load movers. They can be set to flash in unison or in sequentially to create a guiding runway effect. Six lights are stored and charged in a convenient carry case.


  • 12 Amber side LEDs & 4 Red top LEDS
  • Select & lock top or side LEDS flash
  • Magnet base for vertical mounting
  • Excess of 24 hours on time
  • String of lights can flash sequentially
  • Multiple lights can be synchronised
  • Control all lights from just one of them
  • Auto battery status check on start up


  • Size 108 x 92 x 30mm
  • Rechargeable LI Batteries
  • 360 viewing angle
  • Maximum 15m between lights
  • No limit to the number of synced lights
  • Five flash patterns
  1. single flash
  2. double flash
  3. slow flash
  4. progressive flash
  5. fast flash
  • Rechargeable carry case
  1. AC charger: Input 240vac/ Output 5.5vdc
  2. Car charger: Input 12-24vdc/ Output 5.5vdc

1 year warranty

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